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  • Visa consultation
  • Application form filling
  • Visa Submission
  • Collecting the documents at door step
  • Passport Delivery
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LKR 13,500.00 (Per Person)
Visa Requirements
Application Form
T & C


  • Duly completed application form which can be downloaded from the following link.Click here
  • 02 Photograph (White background within last 06 months)
  • Letter from the applicant – should be type (clearly addressed to the Malaysian High Commission stating the intention of going to Malaysia and if multiple visa is necessary, the need for the same, etc.)
  • If one person is issuing a letter for his or her family, the letter should clearly state the name, passport no., relationship to the sender and their occupation status
  • Letter from the Employer (If the applicant is not employed, it has to be clearly mentioned on the application form as well as on the applicant’s letter) (If the applicant is owner of a business, an English translation of the Business registration has to be attached to confirm his presence in the business)
  • If the applicant is invited by a person who is in Malaysia, a letter from the said person with a copy of his IC should be submitted
  • If parents or any other family member is visiting a person who is already in Malaysia, his or her copy of Visa pass should be attached
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Confirmed air ticket
  • Original or certified Bank statements for 3 months (most recent) (The bank balance has to be not less than Rs. 85,000/-) – Bank statements and Bank book only.
  • For fresh travelers, who have not been to any country before, we need a US$ 500/- endorsement on the passport (from a bank) and the receipt to confirm the same.
  • If family traveling English translated marriage certificate and birth certificate of children.
  • Sri Lankan Resident Visa – (must be valid more than 06 months) – If foreign National apply from Sri Lanka.


No Objection Letter (Type) NOC:-

  • Children (Below 18 Years Old ) Travelling Without their parents or Without One of their parent’s
  • Married Women Below 40 Years Old if Travelling Alone ( From Husband )
  • Unmarried Women below 25 years old – Unemployed and Travelling Alone ( From Parent’s/Guardian’s )

Application Form

Visas are beyond Sunsmart Travels Group Pvt Ltd control, It’s purely respective of the Embassy/ Immigration Office / VFS decision

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