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Visa Requirements
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• New & Previous passports (If lost, need to give police report/passports should be 06 months valid/03 blank pages)
• Covering letter from the applicant
• Bank statements going back six months (Bank letters are of little value) Fixed deposit certificates, Credit card statements, Current account statements (06 months)
• Proof of relationships (birth certificate, marriage certificate) all must be English translated
• Proof of employment and salary slips, leave confirmation letter and EPF/ETF letter.
• If applicant is a business person, BR minatory.
• Property deeds, Vehicle book
• Hotel voucher & Air ticket reservation confirmation letter from a Travel Agent
• For a company sponsored tour :
  •  Company letter describing purpose of visit & mention about tour (Mention all     traveler     details in one letter & attached original letter for each person)
  •  Company business registration
  •  Company bank statements of last 06 months
  •  Invitation letter
  •  Invited company Business registration or invited person’s copy of passport
  •  If possible, attached company profile

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